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HI YOU GUYS!!!! yes… I know… BUT its something SPECIAL!

HEY YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!

I know i’m kinda inactive now… BUT!

TODAY… is the 1 year anniversary of the Conclusion of my first SimLit Series SUL SUL!

so in honor of this 1 year Sul-Sul-versary… i whipped up a FUN little Sul Sul Quiz  in honor of the series! ENJOY, HAVE FUN! and HAPPY SUL-SUL-VERSARY!







Just an update…

Hey Ya’ll Hey!!!

SO… i haven’t posted anything new in a while and i’m SOOOOO sorry for that. My classes have just started back and everything is a little hectic right now LOL XD . BUT i do have news… Penguin Entertainment is going to go through another( yes, another) face-lift and overhaul, as I put together a BRAND NEW series! yes a new series is in the works and new episodes of SUL SUL: HELL HOUSE will be posted when a have the time to put everything together!

And that’s everything… i just wanted you guys to hear from me(don’t worry i haven’t went missing or anything crazy LOL)

are you ready for a change and… an adventure?

Interview with Tiffany Dove-Land!!!! and NEW cast inside scoop!!!!

You guys voted and we saw them! Today we get to Interview the FABULOUS Tiffany Dove-land who played Katie Woodson in the Original Sul Sul, and now is coming back for the newest season Hell House!!!!!

P.P: Hi tiffany! Thank you SO much for meeting with the Penguin Press!

09-25-15_3-05 PM

T: OH I’m glad to be the one to speak with you guys about the new season!!!

P.P: So, let’s address to elephant in the room…. KATIE!

T: *laughs* Yes…

P.P: what was it like to play such a CRAZY character and be involved with the craziest twist of the original season?!

T: Playing Katie was the most dynamic role I’ve played SO far! I mean in the beginning of the story you see her as this girl with a “dumb blonde” persona and in the end she’s a crazy and pathological murderer who no one saw coming until it was too late for them. And the reason why I think some fans might have been shocked when she was revealed was that they came to like her “dumb blonde” persona…

P.P: and with that let’s talk about the Sul Sul series announcing that it is now an anthology series? And your thoughts on TTYL being COMPLETELY scrapped and how the writers approached you about Hell house?

T: GREAT CALL! Just GREAT call… I think it was REALLY smart of the writers to form Sul Sul as an anthology series, and were each season can stand on its own and the viewers can enjoy the different creative ideas the writers have, which I think is GREAT!

P.P: So, with that… how did they approach you with Hell House?

T: I was asked about it the day I was supposed to do some flashback screen tests for Katie, when they were still on board for TTYL. They sat me down and talked to me about it, and all they told me was “you, Meg, Sam, College Sorority girls, your name is Ashley.” And I OBVIOUSLY said yes!

P.P: and speaking of those two… Samantha Steele who played Terra Fuller in the original series, and Meghan Montgomery who played the main character Lola. ARE back as the Sul Sul trio! And we couldn’t be MORE excited! So, how is it being back with your 2 co-stars SO FAR?!

T: SAM & MEG are awesome! Us 3 became real close when we filmed the original season and I’m happy to call them my best friends and sisters, and I’m SO happy we are ALL 3 together for another Sul Sul WILD ride!

P.P: SO…. I hear Penguin Entertainment gave you a little something to show us?

T: hmmmm…. MAYYYBBEEEEE *laughs* yes, yes I do…

P.P: Well COME ON girl SHARE!!!!!

T: I have brought a cast photo of SOME of the main characters!!!!!!!!

P.P: YAYYY! Let’s take a LOOK!!!!


P.P: WOW!!! So first off I see a familiar face, Gina!!! Who played Maya in the original season is BACK!!!!

T: Oh! YAAAASSS!!! She plays Sasha, an I’m SOOOOO excited!!! Even though she was killed off first day on set of season 1 she stayed on set with us, and she is a Sul Sul Original who Penguin Entertainment GLADLY wanted back!

P.P: and we see some new faces here, care to talk about them?

T: SURE! Um… Maggie, Allison, Jake, and Lizzie were going to play key characters and were the MAIN ones going to be in TTYL, and P.E. Just COULD NOT let them fall back with that project SO they brought them on as some “NEW BLOOD” So to speak. *laughs*

P.P: this seems like a CRAZY mix of characters, what can you tell us about Hell House? We are DYING to know!!!!!

T: OH the mix of characters IS crazy let me tell ya *laughs* I can’t really say much about the story line but I talk a WHOLE lot more about the characters than the story line…

P.P: Go right ahead, GIRLLLL!!!!!

T: *Laughs* ok… um, let’s start with uh, the Ashley’s!

P.P: OH YES!!!! You, Sam, and Meg!!!

T: My Character’s name is Ashley Whittaker and she is the head president of the Sigma. Ultima. Lambda. Sorority… which is this kinda mean, rich girls elite-ish group that only has 3 girls in it *laughs* the other 2 being Sam, and Meg’s characters…

P.P: let’s about the “New Blood” actors!

T: OKAY!!!

P.P: How are they to work with?


Allison, who plays Kristen. is probably the FUNNIEST girl on set, most of the crazy kooky things her character says is RIGHT-ON-SPOT which is SO FUNNY because the writers ALREADY gave her SOOOO MANY punch-lines in the script she is just a BLAST!

Lizzie, who plays a girl named Sabrina, is SO FUN to be in a scene with because she gives off this method actor vibe and gets REALLY into the scene and she’s just AWESOME!

Maggie is SOOOO sweet!!!!! She plays Skye and she is the literally the cutest thing EVER! And she SUCH a little ball of energy in the room she keeps EVERYBODY going!

Jack is SO funny! He plays kind of the romantic interest in the show and he is VERY suave let me tell ya! *laughs*

P.P Well Tiffany THANK YOU SOOOO much for talking with us… but what are FIVE words you can tell us about HELL HOUSE?!

T: ummmm…. “Urban-Legend” “College-Kids” “Drama” “Murder” “ANNNDDD….Magic???”

P.P: WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well you heard it here folks! This is has been a Penguin Press Interview with Tiffany Dove-Land! BYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEE!

Sul Sul is a what now? Writers War?! TTYL CHANGED???!!!!

Penguin Entertainment was SUPER excited to start production on TTYL or so they thought… TTYL was going to be based in the piney woods of Granite Falls following the story of a group of young college students on a Field Study in the isolated woods…. But the writers were NOT HAPPY with the way the storyline was going AT ALL, SO… what they did is re-approach a canned idea from awhile back. After everything was said and done Sul Sul had a COMPLETE OVERHAUL!

  1. Penguin Entertainment is PROUD to announce that Sul Sul is now a Horror Anthology Series! Which means every season will feature a new idea, new story line, new characters(some even being played by old actors), and even new settings and places.
  2. Sul Sul TTYL has been Reimagined, Re-Named, and Re-done… Sul Sul: TTYL is now called… Sul Sul: Hell House! Which WILL star some old faces and introducing some new ones as well! And WILL tie into the original story-line of Sul Sul: A Horror Miniseres.
  3. Due the Re-Vamping of Sul Sul some shows had to be unfortunately CUT OR POSTPONED until further notice… Such as Meet the Cartwright’s and Projecty Purity have been postponed until further notice…
  4.  With the re-designed layout of Sul Sul come a NEW design of the SITE!!!

What we do know about Sul Sul: Hell House, Is this

  1. It will be based on a group of college students going to school…
  2. It takes place almost 30 YEARS since the events of Sul Sul happened!!!?
  3. And Penguin Entertainment has only Released 1 image of CONCEPT ART for Sul Sul: Hell House which is this AMAZINGNESS!…


*SQUEALS!*  the Sul Sul Trinity Trio is COMING BACK! As you can see Samantha Steele (left) who played the brave Terra Fuller in the Original series. Meghan Montgomery (right) who play the leading lady Lola St. Micheals. Last but certainly NOT least is the AMAZING Tiffany Dove-Land (center) who play the crazy Katie in the original series are CONFIRMED to be in Hell House!!!

And that’s not the best part Penguin Entertainment is letting us interview ONE OF THEM!!! And by the looks of “The Ashley’s” the Trinity Trio will be in more of a Mean Girls-esqe role? Hmmm…

BUT we will find out MORE when we interview one of the lovely ladies 😉

VOTE BELOW on who should be interviewed to get a more inside scoop, AND what question YOU want to ask!!!

Leave your questions in the comments below!!!!

hoodie figure

backgroud 1

Slasher Clue #1

finale teaser

TTYL? P.E: hires new Sim-actors, and starts set production of new set!

Penguin entertainment’s #1 ranked show gets a green light on its sequel series!!

Sul Sul is a fan-favorite at Penguin Entertainment and as it’s Finale air date looms we get an inside scoop at it’s anticipated follow up sequel series… Sul Sul: TTYL!

we only know of a few facts

  1. Penguin Entertainment has hired a BRAND NEW batch of actors for it’s project.
  2. the original series Sul Sul WILL tie into the sequel’s story-line.
  3. we have heard some rumors that it is going to take place in Granite Falls OR Oasis Springs. (we tried to get details but the production crew and actors lips have been LOCKED until TTYL’s air date!)

So? what do you think is in-store for TTYL? and are you excited for the EPIC conclusion of Sul Sul?

EXCLUSIVE!!: we have word the Sul Sul producers are going to be releasing some suspenseful hints leading up to Sul Sul’s Finale!!! so be on the look out for them!!!!

Liebster Award!


OH MY GOODNESS! I got a award you guys!

here’s a little explanation of what the award is:

“The Liebster Award is a pass-it-forward, blogger-to-blogger movement designed to draw attention to the blogs we love. I call it the “Love It” award.” – CathyTea

I’m SUPER honored that I was nominated by a very AWESOME fellow writer swcheppes who is actually the writer of one of my FAV stories… Life after Riverdale!  Thank you SO VERY much!

Accepting the nomination comes with these conditions:

  1. Post the award on your blog.
  2. Thank the blogger who presented the award and link back to their blog.
  3. Nominate 5-11 bloggers whom you feel deserve this award and have fewer than or equal to 3,000 followers.
  4. Answer 11 questions posted by the nominator, and ask your nominees 11 questions.

My Nominations: 

these writers are very creative and are a joy to read!

Mighty Dan’s- Frenemies : I found this blog by COMPLETE chance and it’s WONDERFUL! you HAVE TO read it!

When Chelsea Green’s mom got recruited for a space mission to Sixam, Chelsea knew her life wouldn’t be the same. Her mother would be spending a whole year working in a secret space station, which meant that she’d have to find a new place for Chelsea to live in.
To Chelsea’s surprise, her mother would be leaving her with the Rhodes family, one of the wealthiest families in Willow Creek. At first, living with a rich family appears to be a blessing, but things quickly change when Chelsea meets the Rhodes’ teenage daughter Jessica. The two girls don’t get along at all, which will lead to numerous confrontations and ridiculous situations…

putacece4lyfe- It’s an Olivia Love World : it’s just TOO dang cute!

It’s an Olivia Love World is a series about a Little girl named Olivia Love going through first grade, and it’s SO good even though its just getting started!

davidc2k6- A Song of Heirs and Spares– A Game of Thrones Legacy Style series!  How SUPER creative is that!

ArkamA- Sims Big Brother– its SIMS BIG BROTHER!!! if you LOVE the show YOU WILL LOVE this! the challenges are SUPER creative and fun to watch and read!!

MunterBacon – My life as a Zombie: I LOVE this because it’s not your typical Zombie movie story-line and the fact that its SUPER SUPER funny (to me anyway) Munter is a GREAT writer and creator !

(Set in New Zealand) Zombie Apocalypses are not a new thing, they’ve had their place in mythology and fiction for as long as I can remember.  Stories of a band of misfits who find themselves together out of chance, and only together can they survive the horde of zombies that await them. This, is nothing like that at all.


  1. how did you come up with the concept of your story?…. you saw a show? saw a picture? heard a song? how did you come up with it??!
  2. which one of your characters would you like to meet in real life?
  3. how many hours do you spend planning and writing your story?
  4. which is your favorite character to write for?
  5. if you where in one of your stories which role would you play and how much would you impact it’s plot?
  6. do you have a certain character that only appears every so often? if you do, why and how come?
  7. what is your favorite thing to do other than writing?
  8. what is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?
  9. who is your favorite sim to play?
  10. which expansion pack from any Sims game is your favorite?
  11. what is next for your story (without giving too much away LOL!) ?

The questions from swcheppes:

1.) How long have you been playing Sims?  If a while is there a sim you make in each game?

since Sims 2! and yes there is a sim I ALWAYS make her name is Daphanie… and I make her EVERY time… 🙂

2.) Do write others things besides SimLIt; a journal, short stories, poetry?

I do! i’m slowly but surely writing a little novel (shhh!)… LOL! and I do keep a journal I write thoughts in every once in a while.

3.) What character from your stories would you be best friends with?  Who would be your mortal enemy?

My best friend would probably be Terra from Sul Sul!!! and my Mortal enemy would be… Bianca from Gauntlet, LOL!

4.) It’s Saturday, what are you doing?

probably working on writing or homework and probably going out to dinner with my friends later that night.

5.) What expansion pack do you wish would be the next one?  Do you think it would help out your story?

after Get Together I really hope for a Fame and Fortune Pack… It could help me explore new story ideas like a story of the tortured Sim-lebrity or a crazy director, etc.

6.) Do you have a set time and day when you write or is it whenever you can?

I mostly write whenever I can LOL!

7.) What’s the most shocking thing you’ve ever made a sim in your story do?

um… probably my Sul Sul Slasher (whom is yet to be revealed) killing off the other characters!

8) Are you the only one in your family/friends who plays Sims?

Kinda… i only have one other RL friend who plays the sims and she only plays Sims 3. but she is still wavering to play 4…LOL!

9) What’s your favorite book?

Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, because… it’s Alice in Wonderland and it’s AWESOME!!! duh LOL!

10) You’re having a dinner party and have to invite 5 people.  They can be anyone, living, dead, sims, who would you invite?

hmmm… Edgar Allen Poe… Teddy Roosevelt… Lisa Kudrow… Kelly Kpopp (youtuber)… and Jessica Cartwright from my story the Cartwright’s!

11) You’re a sim, what career path do you pick?

Illustrious Author from Sims 3 because it combines the Painting AND Writing skill!

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